The Claw is the official online and print newspaper of College Park High School. The website is updated every two weeks, but our social media accounts are updated weekly. The newspaper is printed once a quarter throughout the school year. The paper and website is a product of Mr. Castro’s journalism class and his students:

Antonio Aird-Shires, Emma Cole, Will Ennis, Alexis Esparza, Zoe Holzer, Rachel Hunter, Jamie Kang, Bailey Keck, Linda Salas, Travis Penniall, Jessica Rosas, Camdyn Simpson, and Naomi Zuniga.

The class and the paper offer a space for students to explore issues and events affecting their school and local community, in addition to national and international events. Students are provided with the opportunity to express themselves and have a voice that may be shared on a digital and print platform. Guest writers are welcome to contact us and inquire about upcoming stories or present ideas. Opinion pieces express the thoughts and ideas of the individual writer, not the paper as a whole.

Photo Submissions

Submit photos of CP events to Please include your first and last name and grade level if applicable. Also, include first and last names and grade levels of students or CP staff in photos.

Jamie Kang – News Editor/Design & Community Outreach Team

Jamie Kang, a junior at College Park High School, loves to help other people and make everybody feel welcome. She is also a receptionist which motivates her to socialize and has helped build her communication skills. Kang loves to socialize and wants to become a neonatal nurse after she graduates high school. She loves to try new things such as food and art. “I believe journalism is a great way to expose people who are scared to try new things in life,” said Kang.

Bailey Keck – Co- News Editor

Bailey Keck is a sophomore at College Park High School. He is currently the News Editor, and hopes to add more current events articles to The Claw and raise awareness of what is happening in the world at CP. He is also an avid shotput and discus thrower for the CP track and field team

Will Ennis – Sports Editor

Sophomore Will Ennis spends his days playing water polo. He discovered his passion for water polo in 5th grade on a Club team. He has been with Contra Costa United, a competitive, club water polo team, ever since. Ennis also enjoys spending time with friends and family, and said is always “open to where the future will take him.” Ennis is the Sports Page Editor and staff writer for The Claw.

Zoe Holzer – Arts Editor

Zoe Holzer, the only senior writing for The Claw, has been in College Park High School’s choir leadership program for three years and has been in choir continuously since seventh grade. She has also been a section leader her sophomore and senior year. Holzer has taken a vocal music class and two kinesiology courses at Diablo Valley College, and has participated in both the 2016 and 2017 CCDA Coastal Region Honor Choirs. She was featured in the 2016 CPHS spring musical “She Loves Me” as a caroler and spends her time singing, writing, working, seeing shows and enjoying her last year of highschool with her friends.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 4.29.26 PM
Travis Penniall – Opinion Editor

Travis Penniall is an 11th grade student currently attending College Park High School. Penniall first developed an interest in politics in January 2016, when an NBC Democratic debate popped up in his Recommended Videos section on YouTube and he decided to watch it out of curiosity. Since then, he has remained updated on current political issues and is currently a member of the school’s debate club. Penniall describes himself as a “social democrat slightly to the left of Bernie Sanders”.


Alexis Esparza – Staff Writer/Design & Community Outreach Team

Junior Alexis Esparza was born in Anaheim and raised in Concord, California. She is known for her creativity and sense of style. She likes being aware of what is happening on the news and at school. She loves spending time with family and friends, whether it is at home or out visiting new places.

Jessica Rosas – Staff Writer/Design & Community Outreach Team

Jessica Rosas, a junior at College Park High School, comes from Mexican and Colombian roots, and is an activist who believes in equality and human rights for all. Rosas is involved in an organization called Harness where she helps Latinos and women by either donating to programs or volunteering in events that are meant to raise social awareness. She is also determined to help the environment in terms of climate change and global warming. She has faith in God and is a strong believer. Rosas teaches children at her local Church and enjoys listening to music, playing sports, and watching Netflix. She’s also president for the Hispanic Cultural Club, with a goal for other students to learn about the Hispanic culture. Rosas also serves as Vice President for Encounter Club, which is a Christian club on campus. Rosas is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and also understands Latin and French. She hopes to also learn Portuguese. Rosas is very excited to be part of The Claw because she thinks it’s a great opportunity for her voice to be heard and for all of the issues that are happening in our local and global community to be brought to light.

Emma Cole – Staff Writer

Freshman Emma Cole loves school and dancing. She was born in Walnut Creek, California. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her family and having fun. Her favorite subject in school is English. She is very focused on school and getting straight A’s.


Naomi Zuniga – Staff Writer

Naomi Zuñiga, a junior at College Park, spends her time working in a frozen yogurt shop. In her spare time she enjoys listening to a lot of modern rock. Some of her favorite artists from this music genre are The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, and Vampire Weekend. She decided to join Journalism because she is interested in current events and likes expressing herself through writing. Naomi aspires to be either a journalist, a vet, or a crime spatter analyst in her future.

Camdyn Simpson – Staff Writer

Camdyn Simpson, a freshman at College Park, moved to Pleasant Hill in 2009 from Vacaville, California. He heard about the class from his sister, Madison Simpson, and he thought that taking the class would help improve his writing. He loves The Office and 80’s music. He does taekwondo and spends most of his time with his dogs.