Courtesy of College Park Athletic Booster Club e-newsletter.

Joe Alden has played volleyball for 4 years. His favorite memory was when he got the game winning hit against Santa Cruz in the Santa Crus Tournament. After CP he is planning to join the Infantry in the United States Army. In his free time he likes playing ping pong and fortnite. He is glad that he got to play with the guys on the team.
Jacob Benabou Has played volleyball since sophomore year. This was his first year on varsity. His favorite volleyball memories include the Santa Cruz tournament/trip and other tournaments throughout the years. Jacob has enjoyed playing alongside his teammates and learning under his coaches. Outside of Volleyball, Jacob has played football his freshman and sophomore year, has been in band for 4 years and serves as an officer of the CP Interact Club. After high school Jacob plans to attend the University of Arizona majoring in Mathematics.
Max Jordan has played volleyball for 3 years, with 2 years on Varsity. His favorite memory was the Santa Crus tournament this year. The whole team stayed together in one house near the beach and had so much fun. After CP Max is planning to attend the University of Northern Arizona (NAU) to major in Communications. In his free time Max enjoys playing Volleyball, Basketball and hanging out with his friends. Max adds that it has been a great ride and he appreciates what he learned from Coach Steve & Coach Tea, and thanks them for all they did for the team and making it a great experience.
Aleksi Hieta has played volleyball since freshman year. He recalls highlights of tournaments in Santa Cruz and having enjoyable, competitive matches. With competition came a higher level of volleyball that is more fun to play with great friends on the team. After high school he plans to attend a 4year college and major in mechanical engineering. In his free time he plays music, backpacks, travels and plays more volleyball.
Trevor Gomez has been playing volleyball for 4 years and varsity for 2. His favorite memory was going toe to toe with Acalanes senior year. Next year he will be attending UCLA for Biomedical Engineering. In leisure time, Trevor enjoys singing, theatre and being a food connoisseur. He would like to thank the CP athletic program for supporting him throughout his high school career.
Zach Helsing has played for 2 years. His favorite memory of this sport is the Santa Cruz tournament this year. We ended up playing ok, but hanging out at the house with the team was a lot of fun. Zach is attending Northern Arizona University and is enrolling into the Air Force ROTC program with a computer science major. In his free time Zach like hanging with friends and girlfriend, playing other sports and video games. Zach says that the best words a coach has ever told me is “Jump high and hit hard”
Devin Hutslar has played water polo and volleyball for 4 years and soccer his senior year. His favorite memories were the close bonds and friendships he’s made. In his free time he plays more sports and hangs out with friends. After high school he plans to attend Los Medanos College and study fire technology and get his EMT.
Joey Damianakes has been playing volleyball since freshman year. He has been on varsity the last 2 years as a setter and defensive specialist. His favorite memory of volleyball was attending the overnight tournaments in Santa Cruz and spending time with each teammate. Outside of high school Joey likes going for hikes, exploring new places, boating, snowboarding and raising guide dog puppies for the blind. Joey is honored to have been part of a closely bonded team and wants to thank Steve and Tea for a memorable season and experience. After high school Joey will be attending Boise State University to study biology and animal sciences.

Ryan Rivera has played volleyball for 4 years, 2 years on varsity. His favorite memory was playing in the Santa Cruz tourney against the team who got 1st place. Ryan plans on completing pre-med and get his MD at UCSC. In his free time Ryan does his homework, play video games, sport and watches tv. Ryan adds that “in Physics, we learned that the faster you go the less distance you travel and theoretically light travels no distance in no time.”

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