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Photos by: John Gardner

Spring Musical Amazes Audience with Talent and Energy

By: Jamie Kang and Alexis Esparza

College Park drama presented a musical called Legally Blonde from April 26 to April 28 and May 2 to May 4. The musical is based on a movie called Legally Blonde directed by Mr. Tony Gardner, the College Park drama teacher, and featuring College Park junior, Katie Paredero, as Elle Woods. The musical was complemented with music by the College Park Music Deparment.

The musical is about Elle Woods trying to win her man, Warner Huntington (played by sophomore Clayton Hults), by entering into Harvard Law School. Although she has a 4.0 GPA, scored high on her Law School Admission Test, and had excellent admission requirements, the students didn’t welcome her due to her “blondeness” and her unique style. But as the musical continues, she gains more self confidence and makes friends along the way to make her the most successful student at Harvard Law School.

Mr. Gardner was inspired to direct this play because he wanted to present fun music in front of the whole school and present something contemporary.

“I’m very pleased.” said Mr. Gardner. “All of the students who were involved had a great time and learned a lot by becoming better people through the musical. I feel that the students feel more secure with their skills and more confident with themselves. The main goal of this class is to create a big family.”

Mr. Gardner didn’t want to present it as a simple musical, he wanted to present his and his student’s sense of humor and individuality.

“I want my students to be unique and be their own character,” Gardner said.

A College Park sophomore, Jasmine Moffett, played the role of a Harvard Law Student, Enid. She talked about the whole process of playing her character.

“It took me the day I was given the role as Enid to the first show to memorize the lines,” said Moffett.

“I had to train on how to become a lesbian for my role. We also did a great job on the musical! I made new connections and expanded the art of theater to the whole school,” said Moffett.

Moffett also recommends anyone who wants to join Drama to give it a try.

“Even if you don’t want to become a performer in the future, through drama you learn how to open up to people and become a better public speaker,” added Moffett.

A College Park sophomore, Tess Martinelli, one of the actors in the musical, also commented on the successful musical.

“[The musical] turned out a lot more successful than I expected. Having the band playing music for us was really helpful and gave me more energy to perform. I’m also surprised how the costumes turned out! They were amazing,” exclaimed Martinelli.


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