By: Travis Penniall

The primary for California’s gubernatorial election will be taking place on June 5, 2018. There are several candidates running to succeed Jerry Brown as governor, perhaps the most prominent being Gavin Newsom, the current lt governor of the state. However, the best candidate is Delaine Eastin. The former Superintendent of Public Instruction, Eastin is just one of nine women to be elected to statewide office in California. If she won this race, she’d be the first female governor in the state’s history.

Not only that, but Eastin is the candidate in the race with the most progressive credentials, being on the right side of virtually every issue.

For example, she’s an unequivocal supporter of the Healthy California Act (SB562), a statewide bill that would implement a single-payer system. Currently, about 2.9 million Californians remain without health insurance. California could make history by being the first state to provide insurance all of its’ residents.

While other candidates such as Antonio Villaraigosa fear-monger about the cost of doing this, the reality is that it’s something California can totally afford. California is the sixth largest economy in the entire world. If other places with much smaller economies can manage  single-payer, so can we. Not to mention the fact that one study actually showed the state would save money under single-payer, not lose money.

Villaraigosa has derided single-payer advocates as “snake oil” salesmen, claiming that while he supports the goal of universal healthcare, the state senate bill is incomplete and unsatisfactory. It seems strange for a so-called universal healthcare supporter to be constantly bashing the state’s only universal healthcare bill, while at the same time not offering up his own plan or detailing the changes he’d like to see made to the current bill. Who’s the one really selling snake oil here?

Eastin has stated a desire to reform the criminal justice and prison system in the state, claiming that we “must end the criminalization of poverty, skin color, and mental health.” She wishes to move the goal of prisons aways from punishment and towards rehabilitation. In order to do this, she’d put an end to the failed War on Drugs, treat addiction as a health issue, stop prosecuting teenagers as adults, end mandatory minimums, and abolish the death penalty.

The only candidate in the race to come out in favor of repealing Costa Hawkins, Eastin is by far the most fit to solve the state’s housing crisis. She has pledged to have one million new housing units within the next four years, as well as declare a state of emergency regarding the situation.

If elected, Eastin would mark a new milestone in California history, being an unstoppable force for progress and equality for all people.

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