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By: Zoe Holzer

This year, College Park’s calculus AB class hosted the 4th annual Math Field Day in honor of Pie Day. It is hosted on the Friday closest to Pie Day with the help of the math program, parents, and administrators.

Mrs. LaHommedieu, who ran the event, said that in order to make the event happen, they started to plan the event as early as February.

“A lot of teamwork among the math department, communication with parents, and volunteering with students, and approval with staff was needed” LaHommedieu said.
Mrs. Niedzielski confirmed all the hard work behind Math Field Day and believes it is all worth it.

“Math Field Day would give kids a more hands on experience,” Niedzielski said.

Niedzielski also added that the event was hosted in April because the weather is generally nice and because it is good end of the year refresher, and that students at that point had learned enough math to be successful.

One of Mrs. LaHommedieu’s students, Katie Paradero, a junior who was running the slingshot booth, commented that the event helped to “show real world applications of math,” and allowed people to, “think about math outside of classrooms.”

According to Paradero, she had a better appreciation for the activities now that she helped run the event because she, “had to be able to figure out the math behind the stations and be able to teach it to participants.”

Senior Shaun McClure, who ran the cornhole booth, stated that, “running math field day is more laid back,” than attending it was. He also mentioned that he found Math Field Day to be fun for most students as long as they were not just rushing through it for credit.

Senior Ben Sihota, believes that compared to previous Math Field Days, this years was more fun and had better weather. He described the event as a collection of different fun outdoor activities that were engaging and incorporated math. He also described it as a way, “to allow students to get out of book work and experience applications.”

Freshman Zoe Farajan, who had not been to Math Field Day before, said that the event
“seemed fun,” and that it, “felt like a giant fair.” She said she did not feel like she learned much, but that she had done many different activities like counting paces, reciting the digits of pie, and making soap bubbles, the latter being her personal favorite. She said that it seemed like the event took a lot of preparation.

Senior Julia Parks, who had been to previous math field days, said that though she did not learn much new material, but that the event was a big review of what she had learned. She stated that this year, Math Field Day was, “warmer and more organized,” than in her previous experiences.

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