By: Camdyn Simpson

The freshmen class had an assembly on alcohol and its effects, problems, and dangers by Ray Lozano, a drug and substances prevention specialist and youth speaker on Thursday, March 15. He started the presentation with some of his personal stories involving his family, such as when his brother tried to smuggle drugs across the border, and then moved on to the effects of alcohol.

He introduced the three P’s of alcohol: pee, puke, and pass out. He kept the students interested in the topic by injecting humor, his personal experiences, and by involving them in the conversation.

Students agree that the assembly was inspiring and engaging.

“I thought it was very touching and influential for people to stop doing drugs and to think more about their future,” said freshman Andy Kimberle.

Kimberle also believes that the assembly was effective in the way Lozano delivered his message.

“He talked about his family and how they are all drug addicts and alcoholics and how they served time in jail. He wanted to be different and did not want to do any of that and help people out so that nobody has to go through what his family did,” Kimberle added.

Lozano touched lightly on drugs, which seemed like a surprise to many students as drugs seem like a more serious issue at our school.

Smoking Juuls and marijuana are a concern for many students.

“Yeah, People use marijuana as an escape from their work. We need to learn to control the use of that, recreational or not [and] companies are trying to make vapes more concealed to target high school students,” said anonymous freshman.

Principal Joe Alvarez made the decision to bring Lozano to campus when he heard that he had presented at Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek, California. It was organized through the Walnut Creek Elks lodge # 1811 where Lozano also presented to members of the community about drug and alcohol abuse among youth.

Principal Alvarez discussed how this assembly is meant to be preventative for the freshmen class.

“They were educated in terms of what it does to your brain. This allows young students to make informed decisions.”

Principal Alvarez highlighted some of the major issues at College Park.

“We have major concerns with vaping and edibles, students are getting suspended more frequently for these issues.”

In addition, Principal Alvarez commented that the school will be starting an intervention program for students coming back from suspensions where they will meet with counselors to support them. There will also be an anti-hazing rally in May to help address further issues with substance abuse and peer influence.


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