By: Zoe Holzer

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble performed their 2018 Spring Winter Band Concert on February 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM . College Park High School’s Department of Visual and Performing Arts held it in the band room and showcased the work of Alexa Tsarnes and Jorge Jiménez in this spectacular concert.

Senior Thomas Triana, a clarinet player in Wind Ensemble said that he practices 20 minutes a day for about two hours a week to hone his skills, and that his favorite music related memory was the Washington DC field trip. He confides that he feels this performance had a few mishaps pertaining to dynamics and articulation, which are elements that could have been cleaner in order to improve for their upcoming Sonoma Band Festival.

Concert Band, conducted by Ms. Tsarnes, opened with Fantasy on an Irish Air by David Gorham, then Syncopated Clock by Leroy Anderson which creatively used a triangle to represent an alarm clock, and finally In The Forest of the King by Pierre La Plante. This piece had a playful story about a ferret playing a circle game in the first movement, with a loud drumming transition to the second movement.

Senior flute player Natalie Christenson of Wind ensemble explained that she practices every other day, and so much that she, “does not leave school for fifteen hours.” She comments excitedly about the prospect of their performance at Shaboe.

Symphonic Band, conducted by Jorge Jiménez, played the song Whispers by Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark, which is a slower piece in honor of Mr. Clark that displays a soft and uplifting sound. The other song they performed was Purple Carnival March by Harry Alford. This song was originally played in 1953 by the US Army Field Band and heavily featured the horn section. It brought with it imagery of a journey or of birdsong.

Also conducted by Mr. Jiménez, Wind Ensemble began with the energetic, contrasting American Overture by Joseph Wilcox Jenkins with a difficult woodwind and trumpet sections and a quieter middle. Next came the Australian based Colonial Song by Percy Aldrich Grainger which is dedicated to his mother and which was originally composed for voices. It has a waltz ballad feeling and a beautiful midsection.

The concert was closed with Symphonic Band performing Danzon No. 2 by the Mexican man Arturo Marquez and translated by Oliver Nickel. Mr. Jiménez said that, “it’s gotta’ make your hips move,” or he, “would be offended as a Spanish man.” It contained many solos and had exciting percussion elements.

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