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All Photos By: David Grube

Community Contributor: Lorraine Tseng

It has been stated that there are three certain things in life: death, taxes and you better bundle up at the Dan Gabor Sprint & Distance Festival.  After last two years’ down pour, CP Track & Field Team prepared for another wet day at the race this year! Coaches and parents brought umbrellas, rain boots and plastic bags for wet clothes and shoes.  The weather was all over the place but a dry track greeted the team at 8:00am. It was a relief that there’s no rain, but the wind was waiting on the back side for the sprinters. Under such less than favorable conditions many athletes still achieved their Personal Record and one nearly broke the 400m meet record!

Jake Heinlein who took 1st in the 400M beating both of California’s Joseph Mosquera and Bobby Poynter and 285 other runners in this highly competitive event!  He nearly broke the meet record by 200th of a second. Congratulations to Jake!

The 400m is a short enough race where a nervous mom (like Becky Heinlein) may even hold her breath for the duration of the race, but long enough where the runner must adjust his/her velocity every 10-12 seconds of the race.

Watch Jake’s all out finish HERE on Milesplit CA!

The sprinters’ races were underway by 8:40am and the gun went off at a constant pace to get through 49 heats for the girls and 60 heats of the 100M races for the boys.  Top 20 in the sprint events won a race long sleeve t-shirt.

In the 100M race, Evi Anderson earned a Tshirt with her top 20 finish, coming in 1st in heat #40 and placed 17th out of 287 runners.Minae Desiderio in heat #2 and Emilie Cevallos in heat #3 came in 3rd for their respective heat; Jamie Finn in 4th in her heat #11;Krista Thomas 1st, Ava Jahangiri 3rd and Eva Maddox 4th in heat #12; Emma Cardinale in 2nd in heat 19; Gabbie Ferron 3rd in heat 20; Ainsley Pearce 3rd in heat 21 while twin sister Abby heat in 4th in heat 22; Courtney Silva 2nd in heat 28; Ruth Acevedo 5th in heat 30; Jenna Lindenau 4th in heat 31; Lea Fromm 1st and Sophia Llamas 5th in heat 36; and Amber Lanza 2nd in heat 41.           

For the boys 100M race, Andrew Orellana placed 12th and earned a shirt.  Teammate Nick Woodhall who is off a great season came in 26th out of 366 runners! Alex Rideway finished 4th in heat 2; James Gillespie 4th in heat 4; Alex Balingit 4th in heat 20; Aidan Duane 4th in heat 21; Emmanuel Ortiz 4th in heat 23; Sebastian Perez 2nd in heat 33; Kenji Watanabe 3rd in heat 36; Izaac Mino-Fox 1st and David Oiwa 7th in heat 37; Miguel Torella 6th in heat 38; David Lovio 6th in heat 39; Adrian Medina 1st in heat 45;Myles Peecher 5th in heat 49; Sung Jeun 2nd in heat 51, Frank Oiwa 5th in heat 52; Nick Woodhall 1st in heat 53; Brandon Yang3rd in heat 56.

Girls 300M Hurdles saw Courtney Silva coming in 29th overall. She is followed by teammate, Natalie Christensen in 48th out of 54 hurdlers. The Boys 300M Hurdles saw 2 top 20 finishers: Kenji Watanabe in 10th and Isaac Mino-Fox in 19th! Stephen Upson finished 30 out of 43 hurdlers.     

In the Girls 400M, senior Sophia Llamas placed 8th overall while standout freshman Evi Anderson placed 15th while teammate Lea Fromm came in 22nd out of 194 runners.  Nate Tesfaye is another standout in the Boys 400M, coming in 25th out of 288 runners. 400MEmma Cardinale 5th and Krista Thomas 8th in heat 6; Eva Maddox 4th in heat 7; Dylann Pratt 3rd in heat 12; Lea Fromm 1st in heat 20; Ruth Acevedo 1st in heat 21; Molly Ostrowski 1st in heat 22; Jenna Lindenau 2nd in heat 24.

Riley Sweet 5th in heat 5; Jimmy Predotti 4th in heat 13; AJ Stefanski 3rd in heat 14; Django Casamajor 6th in heat 16; Nicholas Guliaev 2nd in heat 19th; Emmanuel Ortiz 4th in heat 20; David Lovio 3rd in heat 24; Nico Ceresa 3rd in heat 25; Miguel Torella 2nd in heat 27; Nic Doorlay 2nd in heat 33; Miles Peecher 6th in heat 38; Nick Woodhall 3rd and Thomas Nguyen 5th in heat 40; Andrew Orellana 3rd in heat 47.   

While the runners listened for the gun to go off on the track, the pole vaulters who were stationed right next to the start line had to maintain their focus.  Among the lights and sounds of the 3-ring circus on the track, Andrew Orellana took 2nd in the Pole Vault with teammates David Oiwa in 5th, Frank Oiwa in 8th and Armaan Deol in 12th.  Amber Lanza came in 6th and Natalie Christensen in 14th.

The shot put team was also out on the field and saw junior Seth Carpenter, senior Logan Thomas, and sophomore Mari Shields set new personal bests. Shields threw the shot put 27 feet, 1 inch and finished 16th overall out of 42. Carpenter threw 38 feet, 9 inches and finished 8th overall out of 41. Logan threw 34 feet, 2 1/2 inches to finish 27th overall. Senior Jonathan Martin and junior Sebastian Perez finished 16th and 35th.

By 4:00pm, the dark clouds descended over the track and the rain would come and go during the distant races.  In these races, top three runners in their heat win a shirt. In the girls 800M, Kylie Tseng took 3rd in her heat 11 and 8th overall out of 183 runners; teammate, Sophia Llamas took 5th in heat 10 while Ruth Acevedo 13th and Molly Ostrowski in 4th in heat 7.  Jake Heinlein 7th in heat 15 and 15th out of 248 takes home another shirt.  Freshman Carson Nagel 1st earned a shirt and Dylan Viale in 7th in heat 6; Eddie Ayala 7th in heat 9; Joseph Ziegler 9th in heat 10; Tommy Nguyen 7th in heat 11; Nate Tesfaye 6th in heat 13.

In the 1600M, no rain but as the sun descended over Mt. Diablo in the distance the temperature descended below 50s.  The bone chilling cold may have pushed this group of runners toward faster times. With 191 competitors and 10 heats so about 20 runners per heat, Gaby Orellana came in 6th in heat 9 and 16th overall; Kylie Tseng earned her 2nd shirt by coming in 2nd in her heat 8 – 27th overall; Emma Swanson 1st for her heat 4; Tayler Hall 3rd in heat 3 – both girls took home a prize shirt; Reyna Winn 4th and Kelly Pickle 10th in heat 2; and Dalena Pham 6th in heat 1.

There were 339 competitors in the boys 1600M. Gregory Borrisov was all smile coming in on the home stretch with a 2nd place finish in heat 1, earning his first long sleeve Tshirt; Jonny Gunter 11th in heat 5; Max Benabou 11th in heat 6; Adam Anderson was determined to bring home a shirt and finished 2nd; teammate Dylan Viale running with ankle soreness in 11th in heat 7; Ethan Gaigalas1st and Sam Benabou 5th in heat 9; Joseph Ziegler 1st in heat 10; Stanley Yang 9th in heat 11; Parker Grube 3rd in heat 12; Nate Tesfaye also 3rd in heat 13; standout freshman Domas Placiakiene 11th – nearly breaking the 5 minute mile in heat 13; Bjorn Thorsen1st in heat 14; Dylan Cook 4th in heat 17 and 12th overall.

By the last event of the day at 9:30pm, Emily Orellana 7th in main heat came in 7th overall; Emma Swanson 3rd; Reyna Winn 4th;Tayler Hall 7th; Kelly Pickle 9th and Delana Pham 11th in heat 1.

In the incredibly fast pace boys race and in the fading conditions, Dylan Cook ran his personal best towards a nearly sub 10 minute 3200M – 9th in the main heat and 9th overall ; Bjorn Thorsen 4th; Domas Placiakiene 8th; Parker Grube 9th; Ethan Gaigalas 11th in heat 2; Stanley Yang 4th; Adam Anderson 5th; Sam Benabou 6th; Max Benabou 12th, Kyle Pickle 14th, Jonny Gunter 15th andGregory Borrisov 26th in heat 1

Many thanks to all the parents who contributed to the snack table and helped break down/ pack up at 10:00pm!  Of course, thank you to Coach Gil, Coach Trish, Coach Miguel and Coach Treigh for all their dedication and hard work with all our athletes at this meet!

See the link below for official meet results:




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