By: Will Ennis and Jamie Kang

A job and career fair was held in the small gym at College Park High School on Friday, March 2, 2018. The fair was sponsored by the WorkAbility Program and the Pleasant Hill Education Commission. At the fair, a lot of job and career opportunities were made available to students who were interested in having a part or full time job and to explore career goals for their future. Besides work opportunities, students were able to look for college options after high school such as introduction to DVC majors, health institutes, and government work.

The National Guard’s booth received plenty of attention. John Chang, one of the Sergeants for the National Guard, was able to inform many students about what the National Guard was all about. Chang mentioned that the National Guard targets young adults from the ages 17-34 and anyone can join.

“The purpose of the National Guard is to find students who have goals so we can help them achieve their goals educationally and career wise,” Chang said.

The concept of the whole program is to give more freedom to the person by allowing them to choose where they want to be stationed, compared to other branches of the military. In order to join, students must be physically and mentally fit and contribute to society and local communities.

Freshman Jackson Maurer commented on how the fair could have been better.

“I think they could of had a better environment if they used the big gym but over all this fair had many good opportunities, Maurer said.

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