By: Travis Penniall

Earlier this month, the Trump administration released their budget proposal and as expected, it’s a complete disaster.

For a party that’s supposedly so concerned about “wasteful spending,” this budget sure does allocate a lot of money towards useless things. For example, it proposes a military budget of $716 billion – one of the largest in U.S. history. This is despite the fact that the U.S. already currently spends more on military spending than the next eight countries combined.

Another thing the Trump budget wastes money on is the border wall. The proposal includes an $18 billion request to fund construction of Trump’s wall – that’s practically throwing away money. First of all, the illegal immigration from Mexico that Trump constantly fear mongers about is a non-existent problem to begin with – more Mexicans are leaving America than coming here. Even with the levels of illegal immigration we currently have, a border wall would be ineffective at curbing it, as two-thirds of undocumented immigrants are the result of overstayed visas, not illegal crossings of the border.

The Trump budget does find a way to make some cuts though – to social programs that help the poor and middle class. Despite promising during the campaign to not cut Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, Trump’s budget cuts all three programs by significant amounts.

In addition, it also cuts SNAP (commonly known as food stamps), Section 8 housing subsidies, the Environmental Protection Agency, and school safety spending. (Just two days after Trump’s budget was released, a school shooting in Florida led to the death of 17 people.)

Trump’s budget serves as a perfect display of the totally messed up priorities of President Trump and the Republicans, splurging on war and walls while cutting funding for necessary programs that keep millions out of poverty. This is a government totally out of touch with the American people, and it must be defeated as soon as possible.

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