By: Bailey Keck

Despite an agreement between the two divided Koreas to function as one team during the Olympics, this didn’t stop the communist majority north from adding their unique “touch” to the games. To the public’s surprise, a bus full of younger women clad in bright red trench coats with furry lining, complete with a pair of black leather gloves, arrived in Pyeongchang earlier in the games. The group of 229 women were escorted to a hotel 120 kilometers from Pyeongchang. Soon after arriving to the stadium the women began to disperse into groups and set up in different corners of the stadium. Although outnumbering the North Korean athletes 10-1, the women always find something to cheer for whilst the games are in action. Among choreographed dances, interesting chants along with patterned clapping, these bizarre yet magnificent women make their mark on the 2018 Olympic Games. Here is a clip of a “Shake your head and clap” dance from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea:

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