By: Camdyn Simpson

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” delves deeper into some of the main characters’ back stories, such as the reason that Luke Skywalker left and the explanation for Kylo Ren’s turn to the dark side. It is mostly based around Rey’s struggle to avoid being pulled into the dark side, her attempts to get Luke to train her in the ways of the Jedi, and the dwindling Resistance’s final attempts to escape the First Order’s attacks.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” had some beautiful scenes, such as the water planet Ahch-To, filmed on the island Skellig Michael in Ireland or the planet Crait, an old Rebel base. It had roaring salt plains and really cute crystal/salt foxes running around. They had some great scenes with vehicles and equipment from the original star wars being used while also showing newer versions of  things like the Tie fighters and X-wings.

The movie picks up where it left off in “Star Wars:The Force Awakens” when Rey approaches Luke Skywalker to return his lightsaber and attempts to ask for training. He refuses as he says that the Jedi Order is done and that he is scared of the power that Rey possesses. Luke does not want to repeat what happened at his Jedi Academy with Rey. During Rey’s time on the secluded island, she explores the Dark side and discovers a connection to Kylo Ren through use of the force.

Meanwhile, the Resistance’s numbers are dwindling, the First Order has discovered their position, and the Resistance flees the planet D’Qar, which was formerly their base, and encounters a First Order Dreadnought Warship in their way. Poe Dameron and Princess Leia decide to take on the Dreadnought rather than escaping. They launch an attack on it using bomber ships and x-wings. In the process, many of the Resistance die and all of the bombers are taken down at the cost of the Dreadnought.

Throughout the movie it seemed like there were a few plot holes. For example, Vice Admiral Holdo, who was commander of the rebel ship for a short while, did not tell Poe Dameron her plans to escape the First Order. Telling Poe of her plan could have helped avoid a lot of confusion and Finn’s little adventure to help save the rebels. It showed that they prevented her from telling them just to make the movie longer, however, it did allow Finn to develop a relationship with Rose Tico, a new character to the bunch that helps out to save the Resistance.

Another thing that is confusing is the First Order’s plans to wait for the Resistance ships to run out of fuel. The movie’s explanation was that they were too fast and the Resistance ship had focused it’s shields to its rear to prevent the First Order from attacking. It seemed as if they could have easily destroyed the Resistance by getting support from another First Order ship.

Even though there were some plot errors, the characters  and the little connections they had were interesting and well-developed. For example, it was great how they portrayed Rose Tico as a background rebel. Previously, she had always watched from the outside and now she is pulled into the action. Supreme Leader Snoke was a very interesting character as well. He exuded an order of pure evil, and his very clever way of doing things set him apart from characters such as Emperor Palpatine from the original Star Wars movies. He could really pull everything together just the way he wanted it too.

The film was enjoyable and had some very heartfelt moments, in addition to the implications that the story was moving on from the original trilogy. Overall, the film is highly recommended because of its great cinematography, story, and compelling characters.

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