By: Marianna Giovannetti

For the past four years, I have been going to San Diego to play in a soccer tournament. Surf Cup, best of the best, is a tournament that happens twice a year. The tournament is contained of boys and girls ages from u14-u19. All the top teams in the nation come together to play against each other to show for college coaches and compete to win the title of being the “best of the best.” The tournament takes place at the end of July. Each team plays three games and tries to win their bracket to move on to the semifinal and to the final game in a spanned of three days. In November the tournament is a showcase. Pretty much, the showcase is just to show your skills to the college coaches. The games are spread out to one each day, Friday- Sunday. There are hundreds of college coaches that attend these games to recruit players. Surf Cup is the number 1 recruiting tournament in the nation; it is a proving ground.

I play for Diablo FC and am currently a senior in my last year of playing for club. My life at Surf Cup ended November 2017 as I played in my last 3 games down there. The first time I ever went there I felt the pressure on me. It is very nerve racking when you enter the gates onto a land of grass with 25 fields on it. As my times going there added up, it got less and less stressful. Surf Cup as been a very important part of my life. Playing there helped me get recruited to play Division 1 soccer at University of San Francisco. I would highly recommend getting on a team that is able to go there. The experience is unbelievable and walking through the gates, knowing your team had been picked to play in this tournament is amazing.  My team was always put into the the top 2 brackets out of usually 6. We have came in first in our bracket many times and sadly never won the whole tournament but got second twice. It was upsetting after playing five, 45 min game, in 3 day and then losing but the experience is amazing. I am sad that I won’t be going back but I am very thankful that the tournament helped me get recruited and I am looking forward to play at USF in the fall of 2018!


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