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Rally commissioner, Chloe Beardsley, and Leadership Advisor, Ms. Thomas, pose for a picture before the 2018 Winter Rally.                                                 Photo by: Gary Jensen

The Gold Goes to Seniors at Winter Rally

By: Linda Salas

Students and teachers enjoyed great performances and challenges at the 2018 winter rally on January 26. The winter rally featured fun competition and had everyone cheering and sharing some laughs.

Teachers and students were selected to represent each grade level and participate in various games and performances to fight for the top podium spot. The theme this year was “Winter Olympics” and each game earned the different classes points depending on what place they finished.

The first competitive game started off with musical chairs with three students from each class. The next competitive game that they performed was the relay obstacle course where they picked a couple of students from each class and had them throw a tennis ball into a trash can and run to the next person so they could pass the ball to each other 10 times and then crawl while someone else is holding their legs into the air. After they get to the destination, one person has to army crawl under caution tape, followed by two people from each class that had to wrap a bandana around there ankles and try to run across to the finish.

The rally started with a great performance of the National Anthem and ended with a hype competition for which class was the one with the most spirit. The DJ for the event was junior Ethan Gonzalez.

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