stranger things

Photo by G-E-N-A-U H-I-E-R. (Netflix/Curtis Baker).

By: Emma Cole

The long anticipated wait for “Stranger Things” season two finally ended on October 27, 2017. One of the most popular series of our time, 16 million people watched season two within three days of its release.

Stranger Things 2 is a science fiction drama with it’s first hit season released in 2016. The show is about a group of young friends who have to stop an evil entity that is infecting their friend Will Byers ( Noah Schnapp) while the government targets them for their friend Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown), who has supernatural abilities. They also introduced new characters to the story. Max Mayfield ( Sadie Sink), who is new to the party and in the process of learning about the events from the year before, her stepbrother Billy Hargrove ( Dacre Montgomery), and Will’s mother Joyce Byers ( Winona Ryder), new boyfriend Bob Newby (Sean Astin).

The show was created and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer, who also worked on the movie Hidden (2015), Wayward Pines (2015), and We All Fall Down (2005). It was executive produced by Shawn Levy who also worked on Arrival (2016), The Spectacular Now (2013), and The Famous Jett Jackson (1998 – 2001) and Dan Cohen who also worked on Arrival (2016), The Spectacular Now (2013), and Fist Fight (2017). Stranger Things was mainly filmed in Jackson, GA, and other surrounding towns.

The plot of “Stranger Things 2” is unrealistic because most of the plot could not happen in real life, but the script is so detailed and deep and that is what makes the show amazing. It takes place in the year 1984. The characters are very well developed- for example, Mike Wheeler ( Finn Wolfhard) had a very detailed script. Most of his scenes had very specific emotions and made the show very emotional at times. While Dustin Henderson ( Gaten Matarazzo) had a script that was detailed but kind of everywhere at some times. One of the detailed scenes was when he found a Demodog eating his cat. The show’s writers are very good at creating a suspenseful script. Some of the suspenseful scenes was at the end of Episode 8: The Mind Flayer when Mike and Eleven reunite.

The first episode of the season really sets the stage for the entire season. This is where we are introduced to most of the big events in the season. We are introduced to all the new characters and we learn that Will is having hallucinations about the Upside Down. We are also introduced to the Shadow Monster and we find out that Hopper ( David Harbour), is keeping Eleven safe from the government agents.

The most important episode of the season is episode nine, “ The Gate.” In this episode Mike and Eleven reunite and they finally realize how to get the virus out of Will. They decide to burn it out of him. Hopper takes Eleven to the Hawkins Lab where she has to close the gate to the Upside Down. The Upside Down is an exact copy of their world but they can’t see it. Meanwhile, Will’s friends Mike, Lucas Sinclair ( Caleb Mclaughlin), Dustin, Steve Harrington ( Joe Keery), and Max go to the gate to the tunnels to set it on fire to get the Demodogs which a new versions of the Demogorgon, out of the lab, so Eleven can close the gate. In the final moments of the show everyone attends the Winter Dance at Hawkins Middle School without knowing the Shadow Monster is watching them.

After over 3 months of being out, “Stranger Things” season two has not lost its popularity. It also get more different and strange. Every season they add new concepts, monsters, characters, and situations.

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